Heart shaped coir door mat

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Put your heart out there…well quite literally, welcome your guests with all your heart with this adorable design of ours.

Be the envy of your neighbourhood with these natural, eco-friendly and chic doormats. Our mats made of coir are backed with 100% PVC to ensure they wont slip or slide. The hard and tough coir bristles are known for their resilience. These compactly woven coir bristles, keep the dirt in check and your home clean. Suited for sheltered and dry areas. Slight variations in size, color and texture are normal and create special character for individual mat.

Material : Surface - 100% Coir, Backing - 100% PVC

Care Instruction : Shake or vacuum to remove lose fibres. Since these mats are heavy, we recommend holding both sides of the mat while lifting the mat for cleaning, etc so the weight is distributed evenly. 

Made from 100% natural coco fibre. This fibre made from coconut husk is of hard and tough nature making it highly efficient in controlling dirt traffic.

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