About Us

ATMAH which means Soul, is an acronym for All That Maketh A Home. We chose this name as a testament of our belief which is to breathe soul into your brick walled house and turn it into a much-loved abode.

We believe that certain little things in your home can leave an everlasting impression on your memory and we are here to provide just that.

A walk in our shoes

The world is moving towards a more sustainable mode of living, and what better place to begin it than your doorstep. We provide eco-friendly sustainable coir doormats for all purposes. Our vision is to create more environmental friendly products for home decors which can be reused and recycled, without compromising on quality. Our products are mainly manufactured in Kerala thus utilising the local human resources and creating an opportunity to give back to the society. We create products that will have minimum impact on nature with high export quality materials.

We aim for the stars

Our mission is to carve out a place for coir doormats in the Indian market. We offer a wide range of doormats with coir, jute and rubber materials. We also intend to expand our business into other products that can be used to decorate your home with.

Our roots, our growth and the final fruition

We hold a strong presence in coir manufacturing and exporting since 1920. Our expertise span over 100 years and we have been a major coir doormat exporter for the European and American market especially.

To expand the same to our home country we came up with ATMAH- All That Maketh A Home.