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Space Upgrade while Quarantined

ATMAH All That Maketh A Home

The last four months have made us all take a good, hard look at our lives. So much has changed. Today we all know that staying home is the safest option we have whether its a weekend or a weekday.

While we grapple with how to pay rent whether we’re headed into a recession, and how the virus is impacting the housing market, we’re also left with a more basic question: What should we do while we’re stuck at home?

So this quarantine period, when you take a break from binge-watching on netflix, baking, working-out or just chilling on the couch, we have a few things that you could do to give your space an upgrade with things you already have at home:

1) Try a new furniture layout

Rearrange your furniture by moving the couch to a different wall, mix things up by swapping rugs from one room to another, etc to spruce up that living room of yours.

2) Change up your photos

Most of us have some picture frames that could use some updating. Now is a good time to add photos to any frames you’re not using and swap out older photos for new ones.

3) Bring some greenery inside

Pick up a couple of potted plants from your garden and bring them into your living space. They are a great way to add some colour to your usual set-up. Plants bring in a lot of positivity and at the same time enhances the aesthetics of your house.

4) Tidy up the entryway

Vacuum or shake up any doormats that you have and purge any knick-knacks or unused items hanging around. 

5) Bring out the fancy dinnerware

Now that we’re all eating at home, it’s the perfect chance to sip and savor at the dinner table using our favourite pieces.So bring them out and add a little bit of drama to your table.

There's so much more you can do while social distancing at home. So give your space the much needed update with any of these tasks.

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