Maintaining Coir Doormats

Coir doormats are known to prevent a lot of grime from entering your home. So it is important to keep your doormat in good working condition.

Here are some simple tips to maintain your coir doormat:

Brush or Shake
Shedding of fibres during initial days is common for these mats. So before you start using it, SHAKE it well to get rid of the loose fibres. Once you start using it, in order to maintain its appearance, all you need to do is BRUSH the mat or SHAKE it regularly.
PS : Don’t wait for your doormat to look dirtier than your street before you think of cleaning it. With proper cleaning your doormat will stop more dirt at your doors and last much longer.
Vacuum occassionally

 In order to clear the tough dirt accumulated on the mats, simply VACUUM the mat occasionally.

Do not Wash

Coir mats are not meant for wet use. They are not to be washed with water using an hose or put in the washing machine. 

Use in sheltered areas 

 Coir mats are meant for use in SHELTERED AREAS i.e. in weather protected areas such as an overhang, awning or portico. A well maintained mat ensures dirt is trapped thereby keeping your home clean.

Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight

To make sure your coir doormats last longer, avoid prolonged exposure of these mats to sunlight and excessive moisture.